Media consigliere for global CEOs, entrepreneur, broadcaster and author

Hello and welcome to my website.

I am founder and chairman of Right Angles Group, which invests in media brands and accelerates their growth. We started in June 2001, and employ over twenty amazing people across offices in Los Angeles, New York, and London.

I am the guy global leaders call when they are in trouble.

An award-winning reputation consigliere, I have two decades’ experience working solely with CEOs, ultra-high-net-worth investors, entrepreneurs, celebrities, public figures, family offices, and philanthropists. My practice ‘Reputation ER’ offers crisis communications advice to kill negative publicity before it happens. If the damage has already been done, our ‘reputation repair’ work includes total removal of negative material online, and keeping clients completely off the media’s radar.

I am particularly passionate about two projects:

My new venture ‘The Canceled Center’ arranges litigation funding and insurance to protect/restore the reputation of high-profile individuals who have been unjustly attacked. 

My magazine ‘New Thinking’ employs a dozen editorial staff, and is one of the fastest growing business media brands in the world, offering a genuinely unique mix of innovation, inspiration, and leadership insight.

I am also a best-selling author, media commentator and speaker.  My weekly ‘Media Masters’ podcast has a huge worldwide listenership, and secures big-name guests.

As many in middle age do, I’ve become a keen runner / biohacker over the last few years, in a (possibly futile) effort to fight the flab and remain attractive. I’ve been a teetotal vegan for as long as I can remember.

My wife Heather is an author, and we live with our dogs Billy and Betty on a farm in Buckinghamshire, UK.