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    About me

    I am the guy global leaders call when they are in trouble.

    It’s increasingly common for CEOs, ultra-high-net-worth individuals, public figures, and political leaders to find themselves unjustly attacked – and often the target of a campaign to ‘cancel’ them.

    I’ve been doing reputation repair work for 25 years, and have won multiple awards along the way.  I lead a team twenty best-in-class people across our offices in Los Angeles, New York, and London. We call the practice ‘Reputation ER’.

    Two years ago, I founded a magazine ‘New Thinking’. It’s now one of the fastest-growing business media brands in the world, offering (I hope) a genuinely unique mix of innovation, inspiration, and leadership insight. With just a dozen editorial staff so far, we’re making a real difference – and it’s my biggest passion.

    My book ‘Fast PR’ is a global best-seller, and my weekly podcast ‘Media Masters’ is one of the most popular media podcasts in the world, attracting big-name guests.

    I’ve been sober for 13 years, and vegan for 20 years – and a passionate advocate of both causes. As many in middle age do, I’ve become a keen runner / biohacker over the last few years, in a (possibly futile) effort to fight the flab, and remain physically attractive for the ‘gram.

    My wife Heather is an author, and we live with our dogs Billy and Betty on a farm in Buckinghamshire.